Nikkosan Drops New Record “Find Out”

This weekend West coast rapper Nikkosan released his new record, “Find Out” produced by Yonder, BizzTurnMeUp, and Spentz. On this record, Nikkosan talks about wanting to “find out” about the problems that arise when money and wealth become accessible.

The combination of this smooth beat and his transparent lyrics really intrigues first-time listeners. He draws inspiration from his Moorish-American and Japanese heritage. As a whole, Nikkosan’s music possesses an unforgettable, Asian-influenced style he calls “Asian Soul”. The unique blend leaves most true Hip-Hop fans craving more with each listen.

Growing up listening to 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B, Nikkosan became notorious for performing live at the parties he hosted in college. Leaving behind his basketball scholarship at LaSierra University, he transferred to The Academy of the Art University in San Francisco, to further his musical career and develop his craft full time.

Blazing stages across the country, Nikkosan opened up for several relevant artists including Nipsey Hussle, Chief Keef, Problem, E-40, Dizzy Wright and others.

“My dream is to build a brand that can financially contribute to my community while providing a platform for other artists to thrive as well,” Nikkosan explained.

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