NICK’s new single is a mess of emotion and lost sobriety

NICK‘s come up has been far from easy, and the toil can be felt in the music he creates. “Emotionless” is a chaotic symphony of drug-induced vulnerability fighting against a hardened core that is almost free from any kind of feeling. The fact he is so aware of himself is a testament to his insight as a human and artist, so putting it in the song is twice as admirable.

The synergy between the sounds and his vocals are fluid, making it an immersive listening experience in more ways than one. The beat change is what’ll really take you for a loop. Overall, it’s clear that Puerto Rican American can excel ate creating poppy music, but not for a second does he compromise being real.

This is the Harlem native’s first entry into 2019, but according to him, it’s just the beginning of something special. The man who originally went by apartmenttwenty1 is in the midst of the rebrand of a lifetime. It’s not just R&B anymore. See for yourself. Check out “Emotionless”

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