Nick Pash Unpacks Creative Process And Inspiration Behind Acclaimed Hit “Heartbreak Anthem”

Nick Pash is a renowned musical artist as well as a music producer. Nick was born in Greece and raised in London, United Kingdom, all his life. But now, he has been living in Dubai for the last eight years.

Nick Pash has always been a musical person from a very young age. He was always busy exploring various instruments while growing up. He aspired to become a DJ and started making mixes around seven years ago. He started diving in and moved into learning music production initially at FL Studio, then shifted towards Ableton. Before you know it, he ended up having a mini studio at home. He started taking things seriously, picked up the game, and turned it into a full-time job. 

Nick Pash also added that it all started with a feeling or an emotion. He tries to take that feeling and emotion and visualize it in his head in sound form. Once Pash has the initial outline of the track, he slowly blends it with the various sounds that express those feelings or emotions. Besides, he also searches for individual sounds that can invoke or replicate a feeling, emotion or thought. Sometimes, he has to look at other genres of music outside of the EDM scene for inspiration. Ultimately music is the food for the soul, and he wants his listeners to feel the same. Once the project is complete, a process takes place where he waits for a few days and re-listens the song and see if it invokes the same feelings and emotions in him. Finally, he goes back to the drawing board to refine the song if it doesn’t happen.

He also adds that it is extremely tough and competitive, but as long as one believes in what he can do and enjoys doing it, the only thing to do is keep going. About ten years ago, he never dreamt that he would get to where he is now. So it took a lot of hours in the studio and constant work to reach this position, and he hasn’t even started yet.

Regarding his celebrated discography, his favourite project is ‘Velocity’. Pash pushes the envelope with this techno-infused record. In all his songs, he tries to convey emotion and feeling merely through the sounds in the music. He adds, “It took a long time to finalize this track, and I was thrilled after hearing the positive response.”

So far, Nick Pash’s proudest moment was hearing all the love after he released his track ‘Heartbreak Anthem’. It was meant to be an uplifting, profoundly emotional track that he released after his breakup. But rather than it being sad, he wanted it to be a catchy Dance tune. The song is dedicated to all the people who’ve been scarred by a breakup, divorce, and relationship traumas. The fans had an enormous amount of love when this was released, showing how much it lifted them. He could reach his fans and invoke a particular emotion through his music is the proudest moment of all.

Fans can catch up on the recent projects he has been working on below: 


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