Nick Mills Connects with Listeners in ‘Energy Never Dies.”

With live events being on hold until further notice, artists are trying to find ways to continue to create content and connect with their fans. New Jersey-based rapper Nick Mills was finds his way through his latest live album; ‘Energy Never Dies: Los Angeles’. The project seeks to give listeners a connection lost with the absence of in-person performances in 2020.

The official tour kicked off in October and is set to feature local artists and bands at each stop. In “.‘Energy Never Dies: Los Angeles’ the 23-minute long features the Carey Frank Band and Jersey Songstress, Tahj.

Major co-signs for the album have already been given by artists such as Redman. Determined to bring back the true essence of music, Nick Mills seeks to connect with fans like never before.

“I write music for introspection. To get a better look at myself’ he says. “I would hope it aids people to do the same”

Nick Mills

Listen to ‘Energy Never Dies: Los Angeles’ below.

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