Nick Bonin Has No “White Lies” With PRIM8 MUSIC

Nick Bonin is one of the newest acts signed to Prim8 Music; a full-service artist management and production company located in Los Angeles, California. Prim8 Music is home to alternative acts including Mod Sun, Grandson, Zero 9:36, No Love For The Middle Child; and more. The management signing came shortly after Bonin’s signing to Roger Gengo’s Masked Records; a joint venture with Warner Records. 

Brian Jaffe of Prim8 states, “When I first heard Nick I was blown away. He’s got so much raw potential and the versatility to draw audiences from across the globe. I knew right away that we had something really special and I went straight to work on building the right team for the job.”

Bonin wasn’t always the viral star he is today. In fact, he got his start from behind the scenes producing & engineering for other artists and bands. Through these early experiences, Bonin easily stepped into the spotlight and transitioned from standing behind the scenes into his own solo career.

ith a sound rooted in melodic hip-hop, he draws from punk and alternative influences that allows him to create a unique and contemporary fusion. Nick has no “White Lies” with his new label. He versatile and creative. Bonin is a name to look out for.

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