Next In Line for The Return of R&B Music, Toronto Newcomer Liyah Release New Single “Slide”

With the state of R&B becoming a trending topic of discussion; the genre is witnessing a wave of new artists ready to give R&B a full circle comeback. Many industry vets such as Diddy, feel that “R&B was abandoned” – Vulture Magazine; and he’s on a mission to revive the genre. Although there are some artists pushing to R&B alive, the genre still needs amplifying. At 17, R&B’s newest prodigy, LIYAH, has an indescribable talent the industry has been missing. With the release of her new single, Slide, LIYAH is proving why she is the glue that will hold R&B together.

Music can heal the masses, and for Liyah music has been her saving grace. She grew up surrounded by R&B enthusiasts instantly sparking her passion for the genre. “Music is how I express all different types of emotions” –Liyah on what music means to her. Slide” is a feel good record showcasing her fun and flirty personality; intertwined with a nostalgic vibe of the late 90s and early 2000s. A record that many can relate to as the lyric “I want you to slide” is a colloquialism for society’s “Netflix and Chill”. “Slide” has the capacity to become the hottest, end of the summer bop that will leave listeners wanting more from Liyah.

“I love singing in the church and being on stage that so much, I began writing and singing my own songs”Liyah on where it all began

This record is just the beginning for the R&B newcomer. Liyah plans to continue on the legacy of chart topping artists straight out of Canada. Be sure to stream Liyah’s new single “Slide” on all streaming platforms and connect with her on social media for updates.

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