Bru Heff debuts New Single “Gotta Get It”

Representing Long Island, New York. Bru Heff debuts his single “Gotta Get It“. The song features ScottyTooFly, Izzy and his artist ReemBandz. Exercising his deep lyrics over the energetic hook, this drill-infused beat this record is quickly making a buzz in music. With the new year emerging the record is soaring in numbers. Bru Heff is confirming he is more then just a rapper. He’s an artist.

bru heff

Spending his younger years heavily influenced by artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Stack Bundles etc. Heff recorded his first song in High school. Overwhelmed with love and support he began to take music more serious.

Primarily known for his co-hosting on TheNEWMVMT Live Podcast where he critiques new artists music. Heff was so devoted to perfecting his craft he frequently invested into “VIP Submissions” with Dj Drewski. Which ultimately lead to his placement as a co-host. As this decade comes to a close this anthem is one for the books. As we enter the new year of 2021, It’s only the beginning and Heff isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Keep in touch with Heff and Stream “Gotta Get It” in the link below


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