Newark’s See.Francis drops Soulful Single, ‘Kumbaya.’

Dropping at 12:34 PM EST today, See.Francis’ newest single ‘Kumbaya’ is a bonafide kick-back anthem. Progression being his main focus, the New Jersey entrepreneur intentionally set the fixed release time to remind himself of the deliberate steps he’s taking.

Real simple, “1.. 2… 3… 4, the cycle of progression,” he reminds me.

Confident, yet clearly comfortable, Francis’ harmonization over the relaxed beat elicits the understanding that not only is he aware of his mistakes, but he knows how to fix them.

“Not fucking up is a challenge, I know what a man is. I’m trying to be one. I know you deserve and need one” – ‘Kumbaya’

This wisdom carried by Francis is not only one obtained from age, but taxing life experiences. As a regular producer and curator of music, the stresses of the game are intentionally put aside with his newest loosie. Progression is still the objective, but Francis’ makes it clear – “I’m just trying to chill, Kumbaya, Kumbaya.”

Overall, See.Francis is clearly in a good headspace. ‘Kumbaya’ and the progression of his career make this abundantly clear.

Kickback and stream ‘Kumbaya’ on all major platforms! Follow See.Francis on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his latest content.

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