New York’s Latest Sensation Poppa Da Don Is Up Next

If you aren’t familiar with the artist coming out of New York I suggest you tune in fast! 

In the city of dreams there are a ton of new rappers looking to get a buzz, which has become seemingly harder and harder over the years as artist from the south have been popping up & skyrocketing non stop. One of the best acts coming out of the city right now is The Brownsville crip rapper Poppa Da Don, after his breakout remix over 6ix9ine’s “Gummo” in which Poppa has the whole city screaming “Gummo Crippy Uh!”

After hitting over a million views on this vibrant video filled with blue flags captivating crip culture, Poppa dropped another epic remix over Rich the Kid’s plug walk where he renamed it “Cuz Walk” blacking out and hitting yet another million plus views! 

Enough with his great remixes, after gaining notoriety from some of the biggest crips in the game such as Dave East and none other than Nipsey Hussle, poppa seemed to have taken another route in making music for the masses oppose to just dropping remixing, his track named “Get Smoked” featuring another rising star Abillyon seemed to gain massive love from the industry from major artist including Meek Mill.

Being featured on funk Flex playlists multiple times seemed to be helping Poppa gain a lot more attention throughout the boroughs not just only Brooklyn. Be on the lookout for his project in the works entitled “Cita Son” which May very well be his breakout project somewhat like “Artist” was for the Bronx’s A-Boogie. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as Poppa continues to flood the streets non-stop!

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