New Single, “Mary Go Round”, By An Unlikely Artist

Check out the official music video for “Mary Go Round” from Big Daddy Swolls, streaming now on YouTube! Big Daddy Swolls is a hip-hop/rap artist based in California. After spending time as a professional bodybuilder and a bodyguard, Big Daddy Swolls is taking that same determination and intensity into his newfound passion for music!

Big Daddy Swolls started his career as a professional bodybuilder and soon after became the private bodyguard of hip-hop icon MC Hammer. This opportunity was highly influential on Big Daddy Swolls’ eventual style as a musician, allowing him constant exposure to freestyles and getting a look behind the scenes at what it takes to make a hit song. Even more important, growing close with MC Hammer allowed him the opportunity to get constant feedback and reinforcement on his artistic development, giving him the chance to perfect his craft and styles over many years. As a result, Big Daddy Swolls’ music already has a developed and mature sound that is both unique and fun. Since officially starting his music career, Big Daddy Swolls hasn’t taken any time for granted. He has already made a name for himself with a series of popular and original singles, including “Roll It Back” (2021) and “Get With This” (2019).

His latest single “Mary Go Round” is proving to be his biggest hit so far. Since its release in April, the track has gained viral attention with nearly 354 thousand views on YouTube and 284 Spotify listens! This song shows off how unique it can sound while still appealing greatly towards other audiences as well; perfect for those looking at blending exotic sounds like pop/R&B into their music or just wanting some really fun tunes that will get you up out of your seat (and maybe even move around).

If you’re feeling like some pop culture is just not worth your time, then “Mary Go Round” will surely change that. This song has been everywhere and can now be found on any streaming service or downloaded from iTunes!

Mary Go Round music video





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