New Jersey Bred Singer, Writer and Producer, Larayne Releases New Video, “Move”

Meet upcoming artist, Larayne! This New Jersey-bred singer is a multi-talented creative that also writes and produces music. Her original music is an electric mix of Pop, R&B/Soul, and Hip-Hop. Being a triple threat only adds spice to her unique seasoning.

Her writing talent has enhanced over the years as she continues to elevate as an independent artist. Larayrne has performed with several live bands at venues such as SOBs, Chelsea Music Hall, Nema’s Boom Boom Room, Drom and more. Last August Larayne released Love & Rayne, her debut EP, that is available for download on all streaming platforms.

The debut video to her self-produced and co-written remix of her single “Move” showcases her expansive talent. She openly tells us the inspiration behind this song and what her creative process is like.

“I was working on something and I just had a crazy amount of interruptions while I was focused. It was like nagging how annoying it was and I reached a boiling point where I noticed it wasn’t just the immediate interruption, I was getting pulled in so many directions in life and felt a little stick. I just literally said, ‘if they don’t ‘get out my face.’ And I said it with such force and authority and conviction, it stung me and I was like there is something to that. If I were to make that a song, what would it sound like?

I went to try to work with one producer recommended to me to do the song. I was listening to some throwback Dr. Dre & Snoop (“Kush”) and wanted the bass and drum to knock like that and I wanted dancers to feel inspired. Drum and bass give music a beautiful foundation and I love movement and dance. Everything wasn’t coming together that day so I took the basic drum, guitar, and bass and sat with it at home.

It literally started with the line ‘get up out the way.’ And I thought of everything I’ve ever vented to my friends, my sis, my big bro/ co-writer and I told him about it. I started beatboxing and banging on my desk how I wanted the full drums to feel. I hummed and sang all the instruments, backgrounds and just really started putting the beat together super analog. Knocked out the hook and let bro hear it. Then we went to work on the first verse.

He had me write the 2nd verse myself and I took it to the producer to finish and it still didn’t click so I outsourced. I asked my cousin for horns, I worked with my vocal coach to perfect some of the lines that were supposed to be instruments, I added guitar on my computer. Then I wanted to have a rap version but I wanted it to be a female to body it but scheduling wasn’t working. So my bro said – you do it. Knocked it out and got to work on the video.”

Larayne describes her sound to be similar to Aaliyah, Kelly Rowland, Lauryn Hill, and Mary J. Blige. She wants her music to encourage and bring people together. Larayne uses music as an outlet to be expressive and spread positivity. She wants people to feel like they don’t have to wait or depend on anyone or anything to excel in life. To be motivated to be a go-getter and strive to be the best.

My music is soft and fun but can be raw, real and rugged. It’s like an audio interpretation of the meme’s ‘Get you someone who could do both.’ We all have something we are individually called to do – do it! And don’t worry about if other people like you. Don’t worry about naysayers. Don’t dwell on negatives that might be around you. If it’s positive, it doesn’t matter what anyone says. You have everything you need to succeed. It’s not going to be easy but that’s growth. Grow, smash your goals and get your money! Be your own motivation and wish well on others while you’re getting it.

Watch the new visuals for “Move” below!

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