New Jersey & Boston Connect On Zubin’s New Single With Rising Rapper, Superior

Artists who can produce, engineer and craft their own music are an interesting case study, to me. For some, like Russ, they carry this pretentious aura with them, where they let you know this exact feat within 2-minutes of the conversation. For others, it’s just business as usual, and they only do it cause they have to. For New Jersey rapper, Zubin, he falls under the latter, but he proves that it’s probably a wise decision for him on his dope new single, “Colder”.

As previously mentioned, the single is produced by Zubin himself, and he doesn’t disappoint. Utilizing panoramic strings, engaging synths and precise drum patterns, Zubin sets up the slow pitch for himself and Boston rapper, Superior to completely get off, lyrically. While the duo proves their chemistry on the new record, it leaves us listeners wondering if they’ll do some more music with one another.

Check out the single below and get familiar with Jersey’s rising stud.

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