Nesta is “Already There” In Talent!

R&B shouldn’t have a signature blueprint. Yes, we all adore the vibes of the 90s but with artists like Nesta, we get a new fixture of R&B. The New York based, Jamaican bred R&-bredrunner is dynamic in vocals and wordplay.

His latest “Already There,” takes you there, to that spot where emotions are invoked. In this song, he belts out smooth lyrics about feeling love for that special woman. Accompanied by a Erykah Badu style beat, Nesta floats effortlessly and ambiently.

It’s very clear that he has a gift of combining his Jamaican heritage into modern R&B. It creates a new sound that’s not only unique but enjoyable. For me, it’s a genius mixture of D’Angelo and Bob Marley. That might be a bit lofty in comparison of Nesta sounds really good!

His ability to sing coherent and sensible music is a gift. Being influenced by names such as Nat King Cole and The Dream, it makes sense to see why Nesta is well versed. Add in a dash of Sampha and Lauryn Hill and a new talent is cultivated. That person is name Nesta and he’s the artist’s artist.

One of his goals is to be this generation’s voice for Caribbean talent and I think he has what it takes. Like he’s single title, he’s “Already There!” Take a minute and stream Nesta’s tune on your favorite DSP. He has an official video via YouTube to watch as well.

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