NemRaps Is Putting North Carolina Nerdrap On The Map

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina comes NemRaps, a nerdcore artist and content creator with an unlimited vision. His ability to blend lyrical storylines with pop culture and art has put him at the forefront of his sub genre. 

A seasoned lyricist, NemRaps has been releasing music since 2005. He was early on the online music wave, using social media sites like Myspace and Facebook to promote his music before it was popular to do so. Since 2014 NemRaps has been the frontman for the rap/pop group NerdOut, which is known for viral hits like “The Fortnite Rap Battle”. He currently spends his time releasing music weekly with the group, as well as writing and producing music for his own solo projects. NemRaps latest release, “Voice With No Name” is out now, and he has plans to take his brand of nerdcore rap far with consistency and finesse. 

Check out NemRaps & NerdOut on Spotify now as we follow them on their journey!

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