Neek Bucks Reveals His ‘Invisible Scars’

Harlem has served the hip-hop community an abundance of skill and creativity with its catalog of rappers. Neek Bucks, born Unique Herbert — is added to the roster. The 27-year old father has been making waves with his music since 2014 with his debut mixtape ‘Here For A Reason.’ He followed up with a champion mixtape, Neighborhood Hov in February of 2019.

What to expect from the Harlem Gem

Neek is recognized for his deep raspy voice, and appreciated for his authentic bars — a real spitta! Furthermore, his latest 6-pack EP ‘Invisible Scars‘ will be releasing right before he goes on tour. He will be opening for Benny the Butcher’s ‘Burden of Plugs’ tour that’s kicking off in Atlanta on October 7th.

Moreover, if you’re familiar with Neek’s craft, you know his music is packed with relatable pain and street logic. In Invisible Scars, he reminds his fans that he is still present, growing, healing, and persevering. Furthermore, he unveils his invisible scars, acknowledging that everybody is going through something. No one is perfect.

Neek Speaks | Check out the conversation below:

Vayda Maryse: Neek Bucks, a proud Harlem native — tell those that don’t already know about you what they need to know. Moreover, who is Neek Bucks?

Neek Bucks: I’m from the East Side of Harlem, I be having to say that. When people think about Harlem they only think of one side. I been doing this rap thing, seriously, for about 6 years. One of the main Gods coming from the Harlem side of things. Super hard worker, super humble. I just love making great music.

Vayda Maryse: You have a new project on the way, October 6th, called ‘Invisible Scars’, congratulations! — As obvious as the title is, I’d like to talk about your reasons for choosing that title for this project.

Neek Bucks: I named it that because a lot of people can relate to having invisible scars. “Invisible Scars” is like the pain that people don’t see. With Instagram being so popular, everybody seems happy as if nobody’s going through nothing. Everything just “seem” like life is great. But, a lot of people be fighting demons. People is broke, people not living in the best conditions, people losing loved ones. It’s a lot of things going on, so it’s just invisible scars.

Vayda Maryse: How are you feeling about your growth and transition between Neighborhood Hov to Invisible Scars? Honestly, you’re on your way to the next level — How do you reflect on Neighborhood Hov while you prepare to release Invisible Scars?

Neek Bucks: Neighborhood Hov was a dope project to me. Every time I put out music, I like to do it when I’m going through things. Invisible Scars is like Neighborhood Hov 2.0; the same pain just a little melodic. Really just being more versatile, and showing people what else I can do. It’s 6 songs, it’s not really a full-body, just something to let people know that we still here.

Neek Bucks Surrounds Himself With Greatness

Vayda Maryse: You dropped the video for ‘On my way’ about a month ago, and Fabolous made a cameo vibing in the studio — what was that about? Is there a collab in the works or was he just around the way showing love?

Neek Bucks: Shout out to Fab. Fab is somebody I grew up listening to, he comes into my sessions and lets me know how fire I am. He reminds me that I’m doing the right thing, and to stay the course. A collab is definitely on the way. We just been trying to figure out which one we want to go with. Moreover, we want to make a real movie with it. It’s almost that time.

Vayda Maryse: So, talk to me about your part in Benny the Butcher’s “Burden of Plugs” tour that’s kickin’ off in Atlanta on October 7th — you excited?

Neek Bucks: I’m super excited, it’s my first tour. Benny a real dude, for even bringing me. Shout out to Benny, he gave me the perfect set time opening up right before him. Giving me a chance to grab my audience.

What’s Next for Neek Bucks?

Vayda Maryse: In your song ‘Almost there‘ on Invisible Scars, you say “… how am I supposed to chase my dreams with all this murder happening…” — How do you manage and heal from the many losses that surround you?

Neek Bucks: At this point, I’m so numb to death. Now, somebody dies and I’m just like, “damn that’s crazy.” Post them, show love. These are people that are real close to me, so that’s not supposed to be normal. My family tries to get me to do therapy for all that. It’s really not normal how I take death … “

Vayda Maryse: What are some goals you have in mind for ‘Invisible Scars’? What success would you like to see come from it?

Neek Bucks: It’s a little six-pack. Really, I just want people to see that I’m still here, I’m still going, I’m still making incredible music. I’m still relatable, my goal is to make the pain music for people really going through things. Know everybody acting like they happy. Everybody ain’t really happy. That’s what I’m the voice of.

Vayda Maryse: In conclusion, what do you want to be remembered for most, Neek?

Neek Bucks: I want to be known for being an incredible father, you know. Somebody who was always there for the streets — through my music. Moreover, music is very therapeutic. I just want to be somebody who was always there. Like, “Neek was always there, his music got me through this or that.” That’s what I want to be remembered for.

Lastly, click the link below to check out ‘Invisible Scars’:

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