Nathan Fouts Drops New Single, ‘Chainbike’

Serenading an unknown lover, the sensual energy from Nathan Fouts newest single, ‘Chainbike,’ gives listeners another look into the multifaceted mind of the Nashville artist.

On par with Fouts’ newer releases, it’s evident his ability transitioning between various music inspirations is at the forefront of his mind. Whether the rebellious 20-something is crooning over romantic adages or spitting tough verses, the quality of the craft doesn’t waver.

Only 10 seconds in, and the mood is set. It’s without question that the ambience was set for something a tad more intentional. The comprehension of a good physical connection does not get lost in the fray. Even if the audience is unable to truly grasp whom he’s referencing,

Gracefully hopping on a multitude of different beat styles isn’t something learned overnight. Hell, most of the Billboard Top 20 consists of single dimension art. Fouts’ talented production team can be to thank for that. The Nashville label that Fouts co-founded, Cake Records, is filled with an array of skilled producers. Ranging from 17-25, the collective of creatives is determined to conquer Nashville’s music scene.

With more than a few singles released this summer, Fouts is comfortable at the high-pace he’s residing at. It should be safe to say that one should stay on the lookout for Nathan Fouts’ next release!

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