NateTaylor See’s Through The Smoke And Mirrors In His Latest Single “Trauma.”

Multi hyphenate, Nate Taylor, has been independently making waves since the release of his album “Life’s A Luxury.” The Jersey-born artist has seen a growing fan base since hitting the coveted million stream mark on Spotify for featured singles off of the project like “Talk To Me.” In 2021, he followed up with another project titled “Clubhouse,” which proved to be a transitional body of work where Taylor focused on refining and experimenting with his sound.

With New York as his new backyard, Nate Taylor has taken the inspiration of his surroundings and is channeling it all through another project he aims to drop by the end of this year. He already gave fans a sample of what is to come with the leading single of the project titled “Trauma” dropping earlier this week.

“Trauma” Cover Art

NateTaylor stopped by Kazi Magazine to talk about all things music, current inspirations, and what fans can expect from his forthcoming project “Social Entitlement.”

It has been a year since you’ve released “Life’s a Luxury.” How have things been for you since dropping that initial project?

Ever since I’ve dropped “Life’s a Luxury” my life has definitely gone to a different Stratosphere with different openings. Last year it felt so quick when doing it. The whole rollout for it was amazing to the point that everybody got the narrative, got what I was about. It pushed me to a different level to understand that on my next thing, I got to go crazy. ‘Life’s a Luxury’ definitely has got me to a point where I’ve gotten opportunities with DJ’s and got people hitting me up being excited for the next full-length project from me. 

“Life’s a Luxury” was a focus on the pursuit of finer things but now, are there certain themes in the present that are influencing your music now?

 “Life’s a Luxury” I definitely learned to pretty much go after the things that I want. Then I did “Clubhouse” and it was such a different vibe from when I made Life’s A Luxury. I’m not going to say it was a bad project because it still charted. It was just me doing my thing just trying new sounds out. I’m working on my next project right now, it’s called “Social Entitlement”. I’m revolving it around social entitlement and the thinking that everybody believes that they deserve more in someone else’s attention and gratitude all of the time.

On both “Life’s a Luxury” and “Clubhouse” you worked with producers like Chase The Money. Is he going to be present on this next album to as well?

A hundred percent. Chase is on there. I got Cian (Cian P) still on there. Another producer, his name is 685 Floyd, I worked with. Then another kid, his name is Produced by Arum. I found Arum through making NateTaylor type beats on YouTube.

I noticed that there are rarely any features from other singers or rappers in your work. Do you prefer it that way?  

I can stand on my own without people. Where people have to work with other artists to always be that feature, I want to create a sound that my audience understands from me. If you work with somebody else, they have to step into my world about it. I take that lesson from Drake, The Weeknd. Collaboration is great… I work with people that actually want to work with me because of what’s going on. The next project is going to be the best well-thought-out conceptual project I’ve gotten. Better than Life’s a Luxury because I’ll have things that I missed the mark on before.


Fans already get a sample of this new and improved you with your latest release “Trauma.” How does this track set the tone in relation to this up-and-coming project?

People tell me that it gives them an old Weeknd vibe. That wasn’t my intent but I guess I can’t fight my influences. I like writing in a space where it’s not so much directed to a girl so everybody can feel it. People put on fronts nowadays and are in everybody’s things because of social media. So it’s just an all-in-one first single.

What do you look forward to the most once “Social Entitlement” drops?

I can’t wait to the world hear. For me, this is low-key a redemption album from “Clubhouse.” I’m going to make it up with this one and come back way stronger with this project. 

Stream NateTaylor’s latest single, “Trauma” below.

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