Nate Rose, Ollie Joseph, and HUSH Release Latest Collaboration with New Single, “Ranch”

Dubbed the James Bond of Hip-Hop, Nate Rose, alongside Ollie Joseph and HUSH, release a bouncy new single, “Ranch.” As with many creative inspirations, this track came together from a spur of the moment interaction between the three artists.

Very comedic in nature, Nate described the moment as a prime example of how he absorbs inspiration. “Ollie was just grabbing some ranch out of the fridge, and I chimed in – I go over anything like Ranch!” As mundane as the interaction might seem from an outsiders perspective, the simple line birthed an incredibly energetic, catchy single.

This marks the second collaboration between all three artists. First collaborating for their track “Running,” that was released earlier this year, the bond shared between all three artists was established and set for them to build upon. Build, they did.

Produced by HUSH, whom also graces the last verse, “Ranch” delivers a decadent consistency and flow that not even the condiment could offer. Alongside HUSH and Nate Rose, the talented lyricist Ollie Joseph graces the second verse, cementing the connection between the three as one built on camaraderie and good music.

Enjoy your Friday, folks. Rose and company have succeed in developing another track that could very well be their next big hit. Stream “Ranch” below!

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