Nate Husser Flexes On “Iced Out Baby-G”

Rising on the radar of rappers you should probably get to know, Montreal-based artist Nate Husser is back at it with another release.Following the drop of his track “Jelly” in September, the Canadian rapper took a break from talking about street life to get real about the flex in his latest single, “Iced Out Baby-G.”

The tracks head-nod worthy DJ Coco production paired with Nate Husser’s smooth cadence and energy keeps the listener hooked. Husser does not shy away from saying what’s on his mind. He gets real about his come up and all of the downsides that come with his success. “Iced Out Baby-G” is testament to how if you don’t pay his bills, he is probably not going to pay you any mind.

In addition to letting the world know that he is in a lane all his own, the single also gives a nod to early 2000s. As a true 90s kid, Husser wanted to pay respects to artists he feels have paved the way.

“I’m a real 90s baby. Dudes like Pharrell and Lil Wayne was who I was looking up to. This song is like a homage to that early 2000s era and what these guys did for the culture during that period.”

Nate Husser.

With this steady stream releases, we hope there’s a new project set to be released soon. In the meantime, stream “Iced Out Baby-G” below.

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