Natalie Ziadeh Turns a Low Point Into Upcoming Power-Single “EUPHORIA”

Natalie Ziadeh’s love for music was embedded in her as a young child, singing in her church choir and playing the piano. Her interest in music is natural; she comes from a family that listens to classical music, Andrea Bocelli, and Frank Sinatra on a regular basis. Many people in her family also play musical instruments, including her grandfather who plays several instruments, both western and eastern. Her family also attends orchestral performances as often as they can. Clearly, the love of classical music is part of her family’s ethos.

Natalie Ziadeh was born on February 24, 1999, in Houston, Texas. She began playing the violin in middle school, and she was soon hooked on yet another instrument. She loved the violin and practiced so diligently that she was able to compete on the regional level by the age of thirteen and made the top orchestra as a ninth grader in high school. She joined junior and senior players in that orchestra, and together they traveled across Texas competing in myriad solo, ensemble, string, and philharmonic orchestra competitions. 

When she graduated high school, she attended Texas A&M University and discovered another passion—psychology. She graduated with a BA in Psychology and went on to study psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she is working for a Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Analysis. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2023, and she is already working as a registered behavioral therapist for a clinic that performs applied behavioral analysis. 

While still in undergraduate school, she took many neuroscience and developmental psychology classes and became aware of the possible cognitive benefits music has on individuals. She became intrigued, and began to dig deeper into the benefits. She found a great deal of research that suggests that music can be used as a therapeutic tool. Natalie Ziadeh incorporated her passion for classical music with the benefits of lo-fi music in order to produce a carefully curated single titled Euphoria, it serves as the follow up to her recent album Serenity.

As a predecessor to Euphoria, Serenity is a five-track EP that incorporates her violin, fiola, and flute, with the talented production of lo-fi beats to allow for a world of blissful relaxation with the added benefits of increased cognitive function. Lo-fi, which stands for low fidelity, music incorporates technical flaws like distortions and hums in the background to deliberately change the music. These enhancements help soothe people dealing with daily stressors or individuals trying to find their Zen in the middle of a difficult day. Her unique twist to her music is part of the reason why she has leaped over 5,000 Spotify followers in a single month. Her album has also just recently crossed over 20,000 streams. This is an incredible feat, and shows that the general population actively encourages and supports Natalie, and her vision for music to be used as a healing tool.

You can check out her newest released album on Spotify and check for updates on her Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with her upcoming projects.

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