Nashville’s Hip-Hop Honcho Nathan Fouts Drops New Video, ‘Airplane Mode’

Nashville, Tennessee – while a music mecca – isn’t exactly known for its Hip-Hop culture. Nathan Fouts is here to set a new precedent. Past all the country music cliches, the sprawling southeastern city is the home to a bubbling group of quality, undiscovered hip-hop talent. Fouts, a 24 year old native of ‘Cashville’ is the preeminent example of this relentless independent hustle in a cutthroat music city. From garnishing productions cuts with Big Krit, to recording alongside Yelawolf, the future seems undoubtedly bright for the Nashville artist.

Fresh off a string of loosies, including ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Riding With That Doody,’ Fouts is back with another single with a video to accompany it. The track, titled ‘Airplane Mode,’ dropped Friday, August 9th, 2019.

For those unfamiliar with Fouts’ creative process, the high-energy yet blasé attitude of ‘Airplane Mode’ is where the Nashville native thrives. Apace with his latest loosies, the confident 24 year old passionately reminds his fan base that he was built for this path. That being said, even rising superstars need space.

“I’m sorry but you can leave your name at the beep … Airplane Mode when I wanna feel fly”

Catch the video below, and follow Nathan Fouts on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his latest content!

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