Nas & Hit-boy introducing a new studio release: Magic

Nas needs no introduction when it comes to legendary hip-hop. He just teamed up with Hit-boy for the release of a new album, “Magic.” The record came out on Christmas Eve, and it feels like a truly special gift to the fans, who have been waiting on new music for quite a while now. Nas’ artistry feels like a perfect match with Hit-Boy’s forward-thinking production chops, allowing the sound to fall somewhere in between the modern scene and the golden age of the genre, in terms of sonic ideas. The opening track, “Speechless,” is a perfect example of how he set out to bring back that textural and organic mood of old-school rap, without being stuck in that bubble. The album also has room for a collaborative track, “Wave Gods,” featuring DJ Premier and A$AP Rocky.

Ultimately this project is one unlike any and it truly deserves to be showcased. From the well-planned production, this project is truly a masterpiece.

Ultimately, this release feels refreshing in the way it is a very unpretentious, direct, and fun take on rap music. Nas is in great shape, and these songs are as solid as anything he ever put out.

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credit: laserlife

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