Nakkia Gold Leads Pride Season With ‘Like Girls’ Debut Album

Following up a trendy 2022, Saban Music Group’s, Nakkia Gold is keeping the momentum monumental! Still surrounded by the success of her previous popular records of last year, she’s returned with a new raved release. 

Although her most recent release closed out 2022, her highly anticipated debut album Like Girls has arrived! While it’s been stacking streams for a few months now, the 12-track collection comes thriving in time for Pride! The Grammy-winning collective 1500 or Nothin’-produced Like Girls collection chronicles Nakkia Gold’s journey through love and failed relationships.

Additionally, the new astounding album  features some of Nakkia Gold’s most successful sizzling singles such as: “Energy” featuring Pink Sweat$, and “Sober” featuring Jeremih. In addition to the recently released rave record, “Past,” with 5x Grammy-nominated artist Ant Clemons. In fact, “Let You Know,” “Low Profile,” and “Nowhere” are solo tracks released by Gold prior to the lively launch of Like Girls. Her latest project is a sonic vibe for anyone wishing to embody confidence, from turmoil and toxic. 

It’s the undeniable high that Nakkia Gold offers to every pulsing music she soulfully graces. Since stepping into the spotlight, she has come a long way from homelessness to being Saban Music Group’s FIRST signed Hip Hop / R&B singer. The South L.A. LGTBQ+ artist has been on fire with constant releases included on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal’s top R&B playlists.  Her trademark fluidity and proclivity for pushing the creative envelope usher in a new era of modern Hip Hop / R&B. In doing so, Nakkia Gold is keeping her musical muse in the hearts and ears of fans worldwide! As the ladies lead the industry, Nakkia Gold is the latest trailblazing talent to leave her mark.

Like Girls Tracklist:

  1. Energy (feat. Pink Sweat$)
  2. Let You Know
  3. Feelin’ You
  4. Low Profile
  5. Nowhere
  6. Stuck in Your Way
  7. Sober (feat. Jeremih)
  8. Body Talk
  9. Naked & Close
  10. Otherside
  11. Past (feat. Ant Clemons)
  12. Re Up

For now, get familiar with the striving star here at KAZI Magazine! Be sure to stream Nakkia Gold and her debut album, Like Girls on your preferred DSP. Lastly, let us know which tracks are your personal favorites in the comments.

Nakkia Gold Leaves Her Mark Not Only In Music But, At KAZI Magazine As Well

  • Hey Nakkia! Happy 2023! I’m excited to be speaking with you. Before we get into the artistry, more about Nakkia Gold, your 2022 ‘Like Girls’ and more. How’s everything been since we last spoke surrounding your sizzling single “Energy” feat PinkSweats? 

Well it’s been crazy, after I released my single with Pink Sweats, “Energy”… a lot has changed. But in a good way, though, it would seem bad to others, but it’s good, sooo good!”

  • Following a slew of singles in a short span you had a booked and busy 2022 packed with press runs and pop ups. What were some dope moments for you last year surrounding your success? 

“Hmm, well, again, to touch my fans finally – my supporters. Because you know I started during COVID, so everything was virtual so actually starting to be able to perform and see people. That was a major highlight. I’m actually being able to put music out that I’ve been creating for a long time and holding on to. Then being able to just be outside, you know! Let’s bless the people”.

Like Girls

  • Let’s get into Like Girls! Leading the LGBTQIA+ community through your lyricism and advocacy. Can you please tell us more about its inspiration? 

“My inspiration came from really, you know, everything I went through being in a relationship with a female and watching our younger generation have trouble with, you know, mental health and suicide and not really know how to express themselves. They need something to look up to, too along with other people that aren’t with the LGBTQIA+ community need understanding of what we go through to because it’s normal. I want to be a voice, you know, the voice for people who don’t understand people don’t have a chance to say stuff. And then it’s my way of expressing myself through my pain and through what I go through. I use music to communicate and to, you know, talk and express myself”

  • What was the selection process like for the project?

“For me it was more of the beginning story that I wanted my supporters and listeners to hear. Like, what do I want them to captivate off of this body of work? And what do I want to project them? How am I feeling in this moment? So it actually all stemmed off of how I was feeling in that moment. I gathered all the songs that told the story of my why, you know, in that moment, so I feel like that’s really important when you create too. Live in that moment. Let that moment be that moment, because you can’t rewind time it is only going forward”.

  • So since touching on the sunject off nostalgia, now I want to know your opinion. When it comes to 90s R&B, how does it inspire your music and your thoughts on music now?

Thats crazy that you ask, because, I wouldn’t say I don’t like the music that’s out now. I feel like we are going through a phase of like trends, you know? It’s a whole lot of these. And a lot of these when, back in the day we just had — artists. We had groups, we had different things like we don’t have that anymore you know, so that’s why I like to bring that little bit of 90s nostalgia into my music. So like, if you were a 90s fan, or if you’ve heard this sound or energy before, you are going to like it anyway, because it’s going to seem like it’s something you heard before or that your parents would have listened to”.

  • I know this may be tricky, but which record(s) off of Like Girls is a personal favorite and why? 

“Hmm, my personal favorite is “Past”. Because I went through, you know, a growing spurt in my life where I was just getting with females and just leaving and dumping. And I’m like, You know what, let me find one that I just like, are let me rock with you. You know, let’s just leave everything that we went through behind us and let’s really like go forward. Like if we are going to really be with each other. And if we love each other, we’ll be able to go through everything and we gonna go through some shit. But through that love you know, we should be able to make it through it and we should make it through the past you know. Leave it in the past. So that was one like I really, I really mean that shit! So for the right one, I’ll go you know the whole mile. We are gonna to fo through it all. And whatever happens, because in that moment, the second after that it becomes the past so leave that shit there”

Creative Collaborations

  • You also collaborated with Jeremih and Ant Clemons alongside Pink Sweats. What were those experiences like and precisely yet perfectly choosing which artist for which record?

“Conversations, I had conversations with both of these guys, and each of them resignated with those specific records based off of what person they are as far as their personality. So when I had a conversation with Pink Sweats and we talked, it was like, we are one in the same. He’s a writer just like me, that’s how he came up and opened up to doing, you know, being an artist and being able to express himself through music. So that was one of the moments that sunk in with me, like, bro, we were here so you can understand you understand what I’m talking about in this record. And the type of person that he is, you know, he’s real big on love. He’s like, the big love teddy bear. And the top of the chakra is pink, and that’s what the song “Energy” was about. So I’m like, he’s the perfect motherfucker lol”.

  • With that being said, do you have any artists on your future feature wishlist?

Oh, yeah. Chris Brown….that’d be dope as hell. It’s gonna happen. I’m gonna say I wish because it’s gonna happen. Missy. Busta Rhymes. I like everybody that’s hot and poppin right now but like I really want to do work with who I feel like I resonate with like you know. I love all the afro vibes like I’m big on dance. I want to bring that back into like the space and in clubs because it’s just stale as hell out here and they just be standing around in their outfits. It’s like man I want to go home sweating like wringing my clothes out!”

What’s Next For Nakkia Gold?

  • Still high on the hype — could we expect to see you take this talent and the trendy tracks on tour? 

“Oh, yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. Actually, that’s crazy that you asked. I’m getting some stuff ready right now. I literally we’re gonna have another conversation after this. Because when you see what’s going to happen after this. You going to be like I just talked to her! WTF! Im in that mode now!”

  • Wanting to know more. What can we expect from Nakkia Gold in 2023?

“The introductory to who I am and let people into my life. You know, allow people to see what I do on a day to day and understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. And other things I do outside of this music. It has a lot to tie into the day to day of artists. We don’t just sit around and sit the studio all day though. It’s a whole lot like why we don’t have the time to be everywhere. You know? I’m proud and I’m happy to finally be more vulnerable and open up to you know, sit in front of the camera and talk more and let people in so you know”.

  • Lastly, if you could put your sound and style into one word… which word resonates for best describing your artistry?  

“Timeless. It’ll never get old like gold”


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