NAIIM Unveils Latest Single “Twice”: Discover the New Sound from the Emerging Artist

Last Friday, the artist NAIIM unveiled his newest single, “Twice,” accompanied by a conceptually-driven music video. This is the second single to be released from his imminent EP, entitled “It Goes Without Saying.” Additionally, NAIIM served as the opening act for Zach Zoya on December 7th at the Drake Underground in Toronto, where he performed the track live.

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“Twice” is a lament to NAIIM’s father, who passed away in early 2021. The song was composed from a place of melancholy, expressing the emotions and actions that NAIIM experienced during the early stages of his grieving process. The creative process served as a form of catharsis.

Following the loss of his father, NAIIM felt compelled to assume the role of “provider” for his family and became hyper-focused on working diligently to ensure their financial stability. This resulted in him neglecting his relationships with loved ones, causing friction. The hook of “Twice” (“I’m not tryna be right, right. I ain’t tryna load the gun and shoot you on sight, I’m just tryna do right, right. I’m tryna do right by you”), represents NAIIM feeling misunderstood and shutting himself off from others.

NAIIM’s father was a visionary and an artist who left a significant legacy in the fashion industry. The lyrics, “Know it’s tough when I’m hardly ever home. My momma feels it too, she lost my daddy on the road and I know I’m just like him so I’m tryna take it home. Finish what he started, I can hear him in my zone. I’m a black sheep” reflects NAIIM’s commitment to surpassing his father’s legacy, as his father always encouraged him to strive for greater accomplishments.


As a swift follow-up to his release of “Dusty Winds,” NAIIM continues to build momentum with “Twice”, an elegiac tribute to his father who passed away in early 2021. The emotionally raw and musically dynamic track was written from a place of melancholic reflection, illuminating the reasons behind his actions towards those he hurt during the early stages of his grieving process. On December 7th, NAIIM will be performing alongside Zach Zoya at the Drake Hotel (Toronto, Canada), where fans will have the opportunity to hear “Twice” live for the first time.

Since the release of “Dusty Winds” on October 21st, 2022, NAIIM has received coverage in various media outlets such as Hype Magazine, The Guardian, Remixd Magazine, and Much Music (interview set to air on November 18th). The release will be supported by the Power House Agency in Canada and the United States.


NAIIM is widely recognized for his collaborative single “Dark Side” with fellow recording artist Wake The Wild, which has amassed nearly 1 million streams since its release during the COVID-19 pandemic. His music has also been featured on Spotify’s Northern Bars, Shisha Lounge, and Fresh Finds playlists. In October, the Toronto-based artist released “Dusty Winds,” the first single from his upcoming EP.

NAIIM’s unique fusion of rap, pop, R&B, and funk defies formulaic conventions and serves as an extension of his own individuality. His music is dichotomous, mirroring his own multifaceted personality. He has redefined the concept of genre, stating “There is no genre continuity with my music. As long as it’s beautiful and makes me feel good, I’ve done my job.”

He has shattered the mold, and his sound is a new, invigorating, and vibrant reflection of life. “My entire outlook on life has been shaped by experiences a lot of people go through. I hope my music helps others find peace, the same way it did for me.”

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