Nadine Shares Her “Missed Call”

Living young, wild & free is Los Angeles-based pop prowess, Nadine. At 22-years old, the striving songstress is here at KAZI Magazine to unveil her new heartfelt love ballad, “Missed Call”. Today, for her release, we had the pleasure of chopping it up with the singer-songwriter in our dope interview below. 

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Nadine Pops Back On The Scene With New Hypnotizing Hit

Her love-longing lyrically impactful track follows up her debut electro-soul pop single “My Way” and subsequent single “Three“. Those 2020 releases prove that Nadine has honed in on a distinct sound, positioning her for a big break sooner than later.

The recent release serves as a passionate love ballad in which every note breathes true emotion. Her real-life experiences are laid over a beautiful sound bed paired effortlessly with her talents. As a result, Nadine builds complicated storylines from her truths and showcasing them through her lyrics. 

In fact, her delicate, yet powerful vocal delivery recalls an incident in which the pop phenom received an unexpected call from an ex-lover. Johnny May’s signature production lays the groundwork for Nadine. 

Through the fusion of harmonic orchestral strings and a sparkling pop beat, she warmly draws her listeners into her world. Expressed through her vibrant vocals, Nadine delves into the emotions that flood one’s body as they look down at the buzzing phone and realize who it is. Forcing you to ask yourself, will life change as you know it… if you answer? 

The Missed Call Moment That Changed Nadine’s Life As We Know It 

When reflecting on the inspiration behind her brand new raving record, Nadine goes on to say: 

“I was having dinner with my friends when out of nowhere, my ex called me on FaceTime. We all sat there in disbelief,” explains Nadine. “It rang the whole way through, long enough for me to process every type of emotion. The main theme being “why is it called falling in love” is something that has always intrigued me. I genuinely didn’t understand it until this experience. There’s always that one person that just sticks with you, and for me, the only way to get through it was by locking myself in my room with my old keyboard and writing about it.” 

Nadine, who is both regal by nature and playful by choice, uses her music to reflect the duality of the female psyche in a nuanced and current way. Since relocating to Los Angeles, Nadine has been honing her sound and establishing herself not only as a formidable vocalist, but also as a multifaceted artist. Now, she is bringing a new sense of femininity to today’s electro soul-pop with her catchy melodies and deft lyricism.

Today, October 22nd, Nadine drops off her sizzling single, “Missed Call” on all digital platforms. Additionally, as we previously mentioned, Nadine came through to tell us all about her new single, her artistry and more. Take a look at our intriguing interview below as Nadine comes with love from Los Angeles. 

The Interview | The Beginning — 

  • Hey Nadine! First, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to speak with myself here at KAZI Magazine. Before we jump into our interview to talk about your brand new track, “Missed Call”, your artistry, what’s next, and more. Please tell us a little more about who Nadine is and where it all began! 

Hi Kazi! Thank you so much for having me do an interview! I am your atypical 22 year old college grad who is just following my passion. I’m from both LA/Miami, and both cities have inspired me and shaped me into the artist and person I am. For me, it all began when I was 5 years old and started taking piano lessons. Piano lessons then turned into singing lessons, and the rest is history. Simply put, I’ve known my future career since I was 5. 

  • How did you find music? Did you grow up in a musical household, or are you first generation?

I found music through musicals starting at age 6. I was obsessed with performing, and did musical theatre until I was 17. Somewhere in between all those years, around 11 I’d say, I realized I wanted to be a pop star; and I’m still running with it! Neither of my parents are musical – my mom plays the piano, but that’s about it. They both fight over who gave me my voice but to be honest, it was neither… thank god. 

The Artistry — 

  • With an artistry made up so beautifully reflecting your raw and vulnerable emotions, how do you put pen to paper? 

I always start with a melody. Strangely, they usually come to me before I go to bed as I’m falling asleep. When I’m not lazy, I turn over, grab my phone and press on my voice memos to record a melody. The next day, I’ll take that melody to the piano and just freestyle. I always record on my voice memos, because you never know when a great line will come about in the sea of random filler words I use. Sometimes it’ll take me an hour to finish a song, sometimes it takes weeks – it really just depends on how strongly I feel about that subject in the moment. 

  • With such a versatile style, how would you say being from Miami and based in Los Angeles has influenced your music? What coast to coast elements would you say you share? 

Being from Miami, I was surrounded by incredible Latin pop music, and though I don’t sing Latin style music, the full of life mentality that Miamians have has definitely impacted my music. Living in LA and being part of the Popular Music Program at USC definitely shaped me into the artist I am today. I was surrounded by such incredibly talented musicians who became family and inspired me to work harder and believe in myself.

  • You have a lovely and unique sound. As you have honed in on your signature electro-pop sound, setting yourself apart!Who would you credit as your influences? 

I have a wide range of influences who have showed me that there is not just one specific sound. From Dua Lipa, to Christina Aguilera, to Demi and Yebba – all different vibes that I just am completely drawn to. 

  • As an amazing singer-songwriter with a genre-bending and versatile sound, how did you get to the place where you appreciated the genres like electro/funk, pop and soul music? 

Growing up, I was always singing ballads on my piano – to the point where my dad would beg me to sing something more upbeat. But the truth is, I’ve always been drawn to songs that are simple and can move people. So that’s where my heart in music is, but I love being able to bring in different cool elements that elevate a ballad. And that’s what I hope I did with “Missed Call’. 

What’s Next? — 

  • Today (October 22nd), you dropped off your highly anticipated “Missed Call” record. Following your two trendy tracks including “My Way” and “Three” and now your latest release, how are you handling this cyclone of great fortune? Congratulations of course! 

Thank you!! It’s really exciting to have something that I’ve poured everything into come out into the world – finally, people can listen! It’s extremely fulfilling, and I am very grateful.

  • With back to back releases and keeping the consistency, can fans expect an EP in the making? 

Definitely in the near future. I have a bunch of singles that I am so passionate and excited about releasing, but for now I’m taking it one single release at a time. 

  • Lastly, what’s next for the rapidly rising songstress Nadine? 

Much more music, live shows and connecting with people who connect with my music. 

  • Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! Before we close out, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

Thank you for having me!! Just like the theme of “Missed Call,” always follow your gut, trust your intuition and do whatever makes YOU the happiest, because that will bring you the truest of happiness. <3


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