Mxlcxlm Z Drops “Z for Zodiac” Freestyle Video

On Friday, self-proclaimed “Trap Poet”, Mxlcxlm Z released a brand new video of his “Z for Zodiac” freestyle.  The video features a single, no-cut take of the Denver-based artist spitting straight bars. “I hope it makes people want to rewind it and dissect the lyrics,” he said. “[My goal is] to move people to do their own research into their connections to religious texts/doctrine/allegories. I [want it] to spark some newfound interest in raw hip-hop/bars again by inspiring folks with the creativity and the depth of thought. “

Anchored by practical wisdom, Z’s studies in metaphysics, the occult, and astrology heavily influence the way he views the world.  Naturally, his spiritual views, interest in numerology and “signs from the Universe” show up in his music. Consequently, the exploration of his perspectives give people a small but intriguing look into his life. 

After the death of his brother and grandmother, the rapper struggled to deal with the tremendous loss. That led him to dive into the world of psychoactive medicine to learn new ways to cope.  “When I said ‘Tried coping with sobriety, performed lobotomy with an acid tab and a pile of weed…’ I attempted to deal with my problems in a sober way,” he revealed. “[But I found a way] to treat my mental illnesses with LSD and cannabis.”

“My favorite bar in the song,” he said, “partly because of the double entendre but mostly because of the reality, is when I say, ‘Jonny died I tried to act like that shit didn’t bother me, I do this shit for him (hymn) like when the choir sing.’”

Regardless of the struggle, Z takes solace in his blessings because of his experience with loss. For example, in “Z for Zodiac” he tells us he’s thankful for his nieces and nephews. Especially since his sister once thought she might not ever have children. “I speak briefly [in this song] on my upbringing, my sister dealing with miscarriages, and how she’s since been blessed with 3 kids. Dealing with depression at a young age,” he continued, “I feel like it was the Creator/God that saved me…”

Check out “Z for Zodiac” below!

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