Mvstermind Drops “Square Up” Visual

Mvstermind manifested an official partnership with shoe manufacturer Dr. Scholl’s, designing the limited edition, eco-friendly Mvstermind Sneaker. Dr. Scholl’s had previously featured Mvstermind in their Pursue Your Passion series. The Mvstermind Sneaker was their first large-scale venture with a hip-hop artist. The shoes have been worn by celebrities such as Lupe Fiasco and Gary Vaynerchuk. 


The “Square Up” music video alludes to the day before his meeting with Dr. Scholl’s that began their partnership when his car was unexpectedly repossessed. In the video, the last remaining pair of the Mvstermind Sneaker is lodged in his car’s trunk as it’s towed away, and the rapper must chase it down through a series of different locations, including a towing lot and a car auction lot. It’s only when he gets his car back does he realize the shoes are no longer in the trunk, but in the hands of the tow truck operator who repossessed his car. The shoes are revealed in a “holy grail”-esque moment, then Mvstermind finally takes them back. 

The sneakers also make an appearance in a mock infomercial, on a TV inside a convenience store the artist runs through. The reference is brief, but it’s to a real-life charity auction he will be holding for the last available pair of sneakers, the proceeds of which will go to Urban League of St. Louis to benefit essential workers and families in his hometown who have been negatively affected by the pandemic. 

The music video was directed by Stolen Sun and features some of St. Louis’s most influential personalities – Mai Lee, Alonzo Townsend, Big Tone and Savis Davis. Peep the visual here today!

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