Musical Artist Million D Brings a Fresh Perspective to Hip-Hop Culture

Million D is a rap artist and songwriter based in Israel. In addition to being a successful rapper who is constantly building a solid fanbase, Million D, born Dolev Barshishat, also happens to be a respected medical doctor. He loves both of those paths in his life, and he is determined to pursue both of them since his heart is tied to both and he can see a future in artistry and medicine.

 A simple look at the artist’s Instagram profile will reveal that he is far from your average rapper. Instead of sitting there, trying to look tough, he is happy to greet his fans with a smile and a colorful shirt, showcasing a more approachable and welcoming tone that suits his personality. This is not to say that his music lacks energy: on the contrary, there is plenty of it to make his music stand out and create a strong connection with the listeners. His flow is genuinely remarkable; speaking about his music style, his songs are incredibly diverse and one-of-a-kind, enabling him to reach a broad audience locally and internationally.

 One of the most exciting things about his music is that the listeners will undoubtedly find an impressive array of diverse sounds in Million D’s songs, allowing the artist to explore various sounds and other creative influences under one roof. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to accomplish such a range of sounds in music, but it feels like an easy task for Million D, who seems to be always up to a new creative challenge to spice things up in his musical endeavors more.

While the artist’s career appears to be up and down, it wasn’t always an easy road ahead. Million D experienced a moment of self-doubt, especially when his partner encouraged him to quit pursuing music and focus on another career instead. However, the pull towards following his dreams was too strong, and he eventually managed to make it happen. He received well over 100.000 followers on social media platforms (Especially on his Instagram page, where is quite active to this day). In addition to that, he also received over a million plays, with his music circulating widely, including a single being promoted on MTV.

In addition to that, the artist’s music feels like a perfect representation of what Million D is all about, as it blends genres like modern hip-hop and old-school rap in a very organic way. If you do like the sound of artists such as Nas, Eminem, and J. Cole, this one will be right up your alley. Today, Million D is on a quest to expand his audience further and hopefully show the world a bit of what the Israeli rap scene is all about! His productions put the wow factors back into the world of local hip-hop, and judging by the fantastic response of the fans and significant local media like MTV Israel; he is ready to take the world by storm in a big way.

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