Multi-platinum Producer De-Capo Turns Up Heat in the Bedroom with New R&B Single “Sheets Therapy”

These days, famed producer De-Capo is on a mission to bring back passion to the R&B genre, which has gone missing in recent years.  De-Capo in collaboration with legendary songwriter/artist B. Sims and Ashton London, who sings in Kanye West’s Sunday Service choir: introduce the new single “Sheets Therapy”, a futuristic r&b infused bounce track that will definitely ignite the mood in the bedroom.  Sheets Therapy, scheduled to be released on all platforms on October 21, is the first installment of what De-Capo hopes will be a game changer in the industry. The concept behind Sheets Therapy was the brainchild of B. Sims, who has written for Eric Bellinger. B. Sims was inspired by Sex Therapy, s/o to Robin Thicke which brought the vision in focus; however, the thought was to bring a real feel good bounce into the bedroom.  

De-Capo went to work! Known for his timeless production with credits for his works with major artists such as Iggy Azalea, which he produced on Azillion, the lead teaser single from her second album, Distortion.  De-Capo thinks back, “I was ahead of my time”.  Sheets Therapy, was originally recorded in 2017, and was shopped around the industry and went unclaimed, that’s when De-Capo revisited the track and added the extra bounce.  De-Capo created the  loop and track in about an hour! The interface of the loop includes an excerpt from Ashton Londan which sets the tone.  The vibe is crazy, the track is a futuristic blend of bounce infused with r&b which hits. 

De-Capo’s journey began at the age of just 14, and by 20 was regarded as one of the hottest producers on the rise. Sheets Therapy, will be released on De-Capo Music Group, distributed with United Masters is the wave of a new frontier. De-Capo feels he has the right team behind him as he hopes to tap-into a world of music that matters. Industry dot connector and manager, Keith “Youngin” George II, believes Sheets Therapy is the track that will ignite a movement towards real r&b. 

Sheets Therapy will be available on all platforms. 

Call your local station and request to put De-Capo in rotation.


Renzo: Sleep Therapy, Tell us about the track?

De-Capo: “Sleep Therapy”, is what R&B is missing! A real bedroom track with bounce that releases pure Euphoria. The track just feels good. I did the production with B. Sims and Ashton London handling the vocals. 

Renzo: Tell us a little about your background, and where did you get your start in the industry?

De-Capo: I began my musical career at Full Sail in Orlando in 2009, it was there that I excelled at musical composition and production. It was shortly after Full Sail that I scored my first placement in 2011 for J-Pop Artist AI, from there I moved to LA in 2013, and that’s when things really took off.  I then went on to do production work on the T-pain single “Do Dat Shit”. 

Renzo:  In 2016, you are credited with the production of Iggy Azalea “Azillion” from her 2nd album Digital Distortion. How was it working with Iggy? 

De-Capo: Iggy Azalea is a good person. In this industry, you must learn to network and work with an assortment of music professionals. I think that has been a key to my success is that I respect the artistic direction and the imagination is endless. 

Renzo: When did you score your first platinum record?

De-Capo: My first platinum record was for my production with k-pop artist EXO that took off in 2017. 

Renzo: I’ve noticed that as a producer, you have worked with artists both stateside and internationally, how does one get the word out, or hook-up with artists abroad? 

De-Capo: The answer is simple, through solid connections! I’ve had some good managers and friends in the industry. I was able to work with international artists such as Fabri Fibre, which resulted in a Gold plaque. I then went on to produce on Red Velvet’s album, “The Velvet” (One of these nights). I was able to score several placements through a good friend and former A&R Visine. In addition, I won several I-Standard competitions which helped propel my skill set and notoriety as a quality producer. 

Renzo: From my understanding, you still produce up and coming artists, as well as mega stars; how do you keep it all in perspective? Some producers, when they get to a certain level, they won’t produce an artist without a name?

De=Capo: I look back to my humble beginnings, and remember that I once had to find my start. What if someone who could have assisted me had that mindset. At one point, I was an unproven producer. Without opportunity, I may not be where I am today! 

Renzo: And where you are today, is quite astonishing! Tell me how you transitioned into producing television scores?

De-Capo: Through placements, I’ve been blessed to work for networks such as NBC, Peacock, and Starz. The placements are a symbiotic of networking and keeping good relationships in the business. It’s funny how a casual conversation can materialize into that one BIG break. 

In addition to establishing De-Capo Music Group LLC, with my new catalog on United Masters, with hopes of making ground in Korea and Japan.  I have my eyes on the acting business. I would love to work with the likes of Jamie Foxx and Dave Chappelle. I also have my clothing line, Taste The Wings – next level urban gear. 


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