Mr.Toybulldog Is Revolutionizing the French Bulldog Community Through Music 

With his name cemented in the French Bulldog communityMr.Toybulldog expands the culture through music, animations, and other creative avenues.

South Florida has one of the most prolific persons in the bulldog community. His name is widespread to celebrities and civilians alike for his knowledge and passion that progressed the culture of the French Bulldog and English Bulldog community to a higher standard and popularity. Now, Mr.Toybulldog is like an icon throughout Florida and his brand is charting to more regions every day.

His reputation has made him into a guru in the culture, with his Instagram @Toybulldogs growing to become what seems an unstoppable fanbase. Mr.Toybulldog is taking over alongside his trophy Frenchie Micro Jordan#23 that has been dubbed the most popular French Bulldog there is. Together the duo are legends in the bulldog community, changing the landscape of the culture through innovative and creative avenues to push the direction into a more welcoming and expanding space. This led him to open numerous doors for the community, inclusive of fashion, music, videography, and the list continues to grow.

Mr.Toybulldog has the vision, one that includes hip hop as the next big move forward. With his Frenchie Micro Jordan#23 being the first to ever have his own animated song and music video, Mr.Toybulldog carried the community into a new lane of recognition. He’s since released widespread singles like “Boss Shit 2.3” and most recently the buzzing banger, “Dog Gossip.”Fans can’t go a day without asking for more from the rising artist. His songs are hitting and sure to keep doing numbers with time.

Lately, Mr.Toybulldog has been exposing the bulldog community to the world through vlogs and one on one interviews like his most recent with one of the #1 French Bulldog camps in the country. His brand is solid and expanding to give merit to others and the community as a whole. Follow his Instagram @Toybulldogs and join the growing community that has been trending due to his charisma, expertise, and musical talent.

Instagram: @Toybulldogs


Micro Jordan#23 Music Video:

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