Moochieee likens self to popular brand in new single

They say the key to a woman’s heart is her stomach. There’s some truth to it depending on how you spin it. The key is knowing what women like. Fashion Nova is among those things. Richmond’s own Moochieee has chosen not to purchase women their products. Rather, simply become the brand himself in “Fashion Nova.”

Several instruments open the track, before drums and his soft croons come in. He expresses his desire for some drugs to get him active and acknowledges women on him because of the money he has and how dresses. Moochieee has no shortage of confidence here, but for these lyrics to be sung puts a different spin on the feelings elicited.

His flow stays consistent, making it easy to follow and catch on to the movement of the record. It’s fluid and polished, which is always remarkable for artists less seasoned in the game. Polished and confident like many ensembles Fashion Nova produces. It makes sense women love him.

Moochieee in 2019

If you blinked, you’d miss the fact Moochieee dropped two projects this year. Untitled and 4 WORLD. The 25-year-old prides himself on not running away from the realities of his upbringing but telling the stories that helped him and his people survive. This song was just a fun release because the struggle has produced another VA gem.

There’s no telling what may be next, but the rate he’s been working in 2019 could either mean there’s more to expect or it’s time for a break. I understand the latter, but something tells me we may just get the former. “Fashion Nova” is getting fly, driving, and sipping cocktails with friends music. Look good, feel good, and talk even slicker.

Tap into Moochieee’s new single above. Maybe he’ll get you some discounts at Fashion Nova if you’re lucky. Have faith.

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