Mont’e Millions Looks to Become Trailblazer Within the Music Scene

Mont’e Millions is no stranger to the music scene.  The Miami, Florida native has been a name to know since he started performing on stage at the age of 13.  The prominent artist was the man behind the sizzling single “Sally”, which broke the internet when it was released in 2020.  Mont’e is known to many as a trendsetter and looks to shake up and switch the culture within the music industry.  He plans on making his mark and leaving his footprint behind, being an innovator and master entrepreneur within the music scene.  He has no intentions of fitting in, but to actually be a standout and pave his own path within an industry that is filled with replicas.

Mont’e became the first African American to ever release his own brand of horse treats, going by the name of “Sally’s Horse Treats”.  This is not only rare for an artist to do but for any African American to do also.  Mont’e is also an author, having released six books already, and releasing the seventh book in the near future.  Mont’e also has plans of releasing his own brand of vitamin water called “Sally Water” this summer.  Mont’e is striving to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneur side of the music industry.

Mont’e has a very long and prominent bloodline of star artists and singers within his family. Mont’e is the son of renowned Grammy award-winning singer Betty Wright.  He gives credit to her guiding him and teaching him the ins and outs of the industry that helped him get to the place of success that he is in today.  He is also the grandson of Elijah Cunningham, who was a part of the Elite Gospel Quartet in the ’60s and ’70s.  Mont’e’s aunt is well-known blues artist Yvonne Jackson. Mont’e Million hopes to keep the great family legacy going and pave his own path to success. You can stay up to date with all things Mont’e Millions by following his Instagram account @montemillions.  You can also stream his music on Spotify at the link HERE

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