Wow, wow, wow! Incredible new song ‘EVOLVE’ from Monsieur Dignitaire. Fresh out of the studio. The song is blowing up all over social media and music platforms globally. 

Law student turned Dj; Monsieur Dignitaire is not one to disappoint. His new EP features three songs, Evolve, Energy, and Out of My Mind. All of which is incredible for this unique and up and comer. 

We will keep our eyes on him and cannot wait to hear more of what this young musician has to offer. His roots in music come from his time playing cello and drums at a young age. Monsieur Dignitaire grew up in Detroit and the South of France, both of which have gigantic house music scenes. 

The production from Rumor Records is incredible, and the groovy sound of the bass in his songs is unprecedented. 

You can listen to his new EP “EVOLVE” right here; click the link below!

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