Get to know mondo mason: The Persian boy with the sound woven

Jersey kid with a Persian background, not one for music you’d think right? Wrong. New Blood Mondo Mason has recently started to make waves with the drop of his two latest tracks BOULEVARD and the chaser INVITE ONLY. These recently released tracks got people asking the question, who is Mondo Mason?

“I’m trying to use music to see the light at the end of this tunnel”

The Start

Mondo grew up with his mom who has influenced and supported him through the good and the adverse times. I asked Mondo who his idol was and to my surprise instead of naming an artist or a music group, he told me it was his mom. Why? and he could only respond with “She works harder than anyone I know and she believes in my music more than anyone I know. I carry her strength with me everywhere I go“.  This faith helps give Mondo the ambition and moxie to pursue his music which he is truly passionate about.

The family element runs deep in Mondo’s life along with his Persian background which has helped shape his trajectory into music. In the beginning, it was all just for kicks, but Mondo soon started to realize something. He realized his sound encapsulates the features of modern music, with his own idiosyncratic modus operandi. Although his genre is rap, he draws inspiration from the 2000’s pop vibes. One particular song from that era that spoke to Mondo is “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake. The juxtaposition between the dark haunting sound on a hyped-up beat is something Mondo could relate with on a much deeper level; as Mondo is usually a positive energetic guy but unmasking that Mondo reveals to me that he does have some demons that people don’t know about. Music gives the chance to reveal this part of himself.

The Why

Consequently, these demons and pain itself help motivate Mondo to work on his craft. Namely, Mondo strongly believes his music can help people in difficult times. Also, for Mondo personally, the team he has built up who he trusts helps enormously. This team mentality goes deeper still, with Mondo saying “the goal is to showcase my music and change me and everyone around me’s life. It’s not just about me its about all my family and friends.  I’ll never forget where I came from”. In short, the music game is hustle and a team makes that grind easier.

When it dealing with the creative process Mondo, lets it come to him instead. Saying “My creative process can’t be forced, it really is a feeling that comes when the moment is right”. For this reason, he generally looks for the beat first and then forges the lyrics around it.

The New Tracks

Moreover, Mondo goes over BOULEVARD and INVITE ONLY and explains where they come from. He explains the tracks were mainly fueled by pain. Going on to say he finds it hard to trust people these days. He hopes the tracks will entice these same feelings and touch some hearts. Lastly, I asked Mondo for the inspiration for the covers “For Boulevard, the cover art is inspired just by the aura of the song. Snakes move in silences and attack when you don’t expect it, which is similar to my approach in the music industry. The Invite Only cover art is actually from a painting in my house, I really feel like it fits the haunting vibe of the song.”

Be sure to check out the new track BOULEVARD and INVITE ONLY by Mondo Mason available on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify, and Deezer HERE.

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