‘Monde Froid’ EP By Malik Shaeir Is Gold

Add ‘Monde Froid’ to your daily rotation

‘Monde Froid’ EP was a delightful find for me recently. The five track project is a versatile display of lyrical efficacy. Burgeoning from the mind of the Maryland rapper, Malik wants something to start his 2021 great.

Infusing nostalgia of eras such as the 70s and 90s with modern production can summarize this release. Malik doesn’t try to hard to be anything but himself, which is refreshing.

Showing a preview of more eccentric musical abilities with infusing a new outlook on dropping content. Malik shared a few thoughts with us.

I think this is just a light start, the love has been tremendous, and it’s been a massive motivator in not being satisfied with just rapping but wanting to give the fans that listen to me more than just the punchlines and metaphors and witty flows but start to develop full moments within the songs again. I need more! However, I think I did that on this project.


His EP is available on all DSPs and Malik might be dropping more content soon so stay tuned! He’s a gem to add to your daily rotation of music so keep him on your radars.

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