Mind But “Don’t Mind” District 21’s New Song

Don’t Mind” is basically a song about being blindly in love. It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing sometimes because you might overlook some of the shit you should be paying attention to. But it’s just that feeling is something new so you “don’t mind” whatever it is.”

Coming from District 21, who is also legend Mack 10’s son; it’s a smooth ballad intended to hit a full strings from the heart. Passion and affection surmise the premise of the single.

If you mix early Frank Ocean and Bryson Tiller, you get District 21. Pure authentic vibes are curate from each hum of the young artist’s voice. A unique talent in a growing landscape of new era R&B artists.

District is a true student of the game learning from his uncle and being influenced by the likes of State Property, The Dogg Pound, Young Gunz, and Clipse with a hint of Pharrell. During this weird time in history, the Calabasas prodigy has patiently put work in the studio carefully narrating his own untold story with his creative mind and captivating aesthetic.

Even though he is melodramatic at times, District 21 still has that thug in him gaining support from Mustard, RMR, Baron Davis, Birdman, Mack 10 and Hit-Boy among others. 

Shoot, it might not be a stretch to say that “Don’t Mind” reminds me of ‘So Far Gone’ Drake. The ultra smooth blend of lyrical plays and vocals is refreshing on the ears.

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