Milligram Is A Genre-Bending Artist With New Music All 2022

Columbus, Ohis has a new musician by the name of Milligram, hopping on the scene to put Ohio back on the map! With his natural talent and magnetic personality, he’s quickly becoming one the fastest-rising acts to come out of the Midwest. 

Milligram is distinguished by his brutal honesty, lyricism, and catchy hooks. He continues to build large live adaptations for his catalog as an artist who commands a high energy atmosphere during live performances. In recent years, Milligram has remained focused on producing singles spanning genres such as hip hop, pop punk, and hyper pop, among others. 

In fact, he’s known for his wildly extravagant music videos. Showcasing his ability to entice fans, enables him to truly differentiate himself from others in the industry. SSRI, Milligram’s most recent release, has been a huge success. As a result, it has really struck a chord with fans. Since this summer, he’s had a steady stream of releases, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Milligram strives for the best in his music, visuals, and shows. Because of this, he has been able to grow his audience along the way through touring, Instagram, and TikTok. The rising talent goes on to say:

No one owes you anything and no one’s going to do the work for you.”

The Milligram Effect

It is no surprise that Milligram has been able to grow his platform and garner a loyal and growing fanbase with this can-do attitude and dedication to his craft. He advises those entering the industry today to learn as much as they can about the industry. Also to surround themselves with a solid support team that can help them execute their vision.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of Milligram; he has a number of releases planned for 2022 for fans to look forward to. For now, press play on his latest offering “SSRI”. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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