MikeyBadAss Continues To Level Up In 2022

The genius of starting over…  

Traveling the dark and unconventional journey of rap immorality is not for an average person. Believing beyond your pain in the face of failure requires Championship DNA. Inspecting your weaknesses and making honest assessments isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, MikeyBadAss is living proof.

The Power Of Change

Thinking about your future is one thing. Changing your future is a power few people exhibit during life’s darkest moments. Understanding God’s plan for yourself includes staring into the mirror of failure and redemption. Having faith in your destiny, when the world labels it crazy requires an iron stomach and boundless courage.    

Also, being a part of anything monumental or life-changing involves going against the grain and conventional thinking. Admitting your mistakes enables a person to connect with their purpose and build towards manifestation. However, crossing the bridge of destiny involves evolution, unthinkable pain, and fearless commitment.   

Understanding the price of sacrifice in life enables a person to estimate how much they want to win. In addition to making the right move even when it’s not comfortable, popular, or safe reflects true leadership. Converting pain into purpose is the beauty of living and not existing. Standing on the brink of failure empowers a person to jump across to God’s plan.   

The evolution of MikeyBadAss continues to emerge in 2022  

MikeyBadAss and his life journey reflect his birthed purpose and vision. MikeyBadAss’s passion for Hip-Hop, family, and empowering his community echoes in every verse. Additionally, his music illuminates the power and influence of being self-made. Amassing over half a million plays across all streaming platforms, Mikey BadAss music continues to dominate in 2022. Lastly, MikeyBadAss is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more updates

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