Midwest Milly Digs Deep On ‘Hidden Hills’

Midwest Milly is shining on his newest mixtape. Detroit’s unstoppable wave and influence has permeated all throughout the midwest. Moreover, traveling down the same highways that Detroiters run their routes on, bringing their music in tow, knowingly or not. This part of the country had been directionless musically in recent years, falling behind too many other regions as social media got bigger, but as the pandemic took over we saw people gradually beginning to get hip to the prolific and riveting scenes of Michigan.

Ohio is one state that is perhaps most affected culturally by Detroit, at least in terms of the styles in their music scenes across a number of cities in the O, most notably Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a small/big city with a lot of history and deep-rooted problems but virtually no infrastructure for music, but even still manages to steadily produce a range of underground talent, and even seems poised to create a new star shortly with YTB Trench.

Midwest Milly Is Ready To Get The Job Done On His New Tape

Despite the success that many are seeing now, Cincinnati continues to drag down many of its artists trying to make a name for themselves out of envy or jealousy, but that is not slowing them down. Midwest Milly is one of the most notable artists in Cincinnati period. Thus, currently, paving his way with the Detroit sound that is spreading like wildfire.

Milly’s streetwise bars and willingness to invest in himself have impressed his city, state, and region in general greatly, building up more and more popularity with the help of several key features from EST Gee, Rio Da Yung OG, Icewear Vezzo, Louie Ray, and more who bolstered his popularity in his home state. Today Milly is back with a new EP alongside producer-group FirstWorldProblems. They seem to have great chemistry with Milly as this is now their second collaborative project. Hopefully, they will only continue to find his sound more and more with each new release.

Stream the new mixtape below!

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