Mia Arianaaa Is Rare And Authentic To The Soul

Mia Arianaaa, like a dove in a flock of pigeons, is the rarest of upcoming artists. Honest, herself, and humble while accomplishing big things. From the first words we spoke about on the phone, I got the vibe of a free spirit and I loved it. With snazzy wordplay, creative song titles, and a transparency to her that makes her one to watch.

To give everybody a brief introduction to Mia, besides artist, she is a generally creative wunderkind.  Growing up Charlotte, NC, she sang in the church choir and belted out the “The Star-Spangled Banner” at middle school basketball games. After years of singing as a hobby, she participated in Monica’s “So Gone” Challenge on social media during 2016. Her video went viral, and she continued to post freestyles, building her following.

She personally financed her career, putting up the money for videos and release parties as she dropped originals “Make You,” “One Hun Done,” and “Nobody.” In the summer of 2019, two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning artist, songwriter, producer, and mogul Rico Love stumbled on her Instagram. Blown away by her Roddy Ricch freestyle, he reached out. Mia hopped in the car, drove straight to Miami, and they met in person as she signed to Rico’s Division1.

Now Mia is prepping for the release of her project. she has the ball in her hand. However, in the court of life, she had to overcome a couple of obstacles along the way. Much like her recent single release “#AnxiousAF,” Mia has always dealt with copy with anxiety. A common problem in society doesn’t hinder her progression because she embraces it.

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Transparency in Music define Mia Arianaaa

“I want my music to not only show sides of me but to inspire and empower people to love themselves,” she said. “My song titles are unique because I like express what I’m going through and what’s on my mind. I’ve been through a lot in life so I hope the titles and content hit somebody’s heart differently then most music.”

Mia has a certain level of maturity to her music that attracted fans and myself into her music. The raw and eccentric nature of her voice combine perfectly with her vocals to create magic. She adds good lyrics as parsley to fully envelop the sound of an upcoming star. To put it simply, she shines like the jewel in her signature Bindi!

That sound didn’t come overnight, for years Mia has put in the ground work to see her vision come true. She never gave up, no matter how much her anxiety or mind told her to. The payoff for that is an the upcoming release of her LP which should showcase her story and talent.

“It’s a song for everyone of in my upcoming work and each one is my perspective on a certain issue or emotion,” she said. “The music has the power to invoke emotion and joy into people. I hope with this release, I can do that on a national scale.”

Clever and insightful curating sonically pleasing music is the name of the game for Mia. However, it does not only go into her music. Her branding is on point to and some of her freestyles if not most has captured the attention of the world.

“Mia Mondaze,” her weekly segment captures her unique wordplay on various beats which portrays her music diversity. It shows that her brand appeals to a wide audience which excites me for her long term potential.

The Bigger Picture

Mia Arianaaa, to summarize where I think her sound can reach is to me: a original take on R&B/rap with splashes of Keyshia Cole, Erykah Badu, Ari Lennox, and Monica. I know that’s probably a convoluted mouthful but I really think she’s a gem.

Let’s now speak this into existence in 2021 and beyond, Mia Arianaaa will be spoken about consistently for quality music. Add in her natural beauty and vibrant personality, a new star is set to be unleased to the world.

Get a taste of her artistry with her new visual for “S.T.M.F.U” below:

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