Mery Racauchi Falls In Love On New “At 11:11” Video

By: Stephen Milhalchik

Singer/songwriter Mery Racauchi is falling in an out of love in her new “At 11:11” video. With a rapidly growing fan base well over 500,000 supporters, this songstress in bridging fashion and music like never before. Her entrepreneur background and business mind set, has allowed her to transfer all of her knowledge to the music industry. She is curating the best work of her life, and wants the world to part take in it.   

On this material, you will see Mery head over heels in love with her on camera love interest. With her firecracker pink hair blowing in the wind over the famous New York Time Square scenery, you will see a softer side to the New York transplant. As she rushes against the clock to keep the love of her life, his desire to be with her fades away as the y near they magical time of 11:11.

The up-tempo 80’s inspired beat, is a match made in heaven for Mery’s serene and melodic vocals. She does an incredible job of tugging on your emotions while, showing her fans how far her creativity as a recording artist goes. Some lyrics that stand out on this release are “Distance means so little, when people mean so much.” These particular bars, appear on a letter left by her lover, as he walks right out of the songbird’s life.

Argentina has birthed the next big pop star. As she continues to spread her influence on an international scale, her talent and vision is not going unnoticed.  Press play below to stream Mery Racauchi’s “At 11:11” visual. 

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