‘For The Culture 2is here! This amazing new amapiano and afro house project comes from Zimbabwean Canadian producer, MELO-T as a sequel! 

His latest release is a follow up to his first installment, For The Culture, which showcased the maligned Afro-influence coming out of Brazil with sounds like, baile funk and rave funk. Now, he returns with his new EP, to shine light on African club culture as it pays homage to the ampiano and afro house sounds of South Africa. 

The 5-track EP displays the Ottawa-based producer, DJ, and musician’s Southern African heritage influence. He celebrates the amapiano sound that is bursting out of South Africa and capturing the imagination of fans and critics around the world. As well as other exciting strands of afro house music that is emerging from the Southern African region. He draws inspiration from South African house music legend, Black Coffee and the late great Zimbabwean afro jazz pioneer, Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi.

The Inspiration 

Although afro-based and afro-inspired music has influenced how we listen to music, the creators are often neglected. MELO-T aims to utilize this series to provide these vital communities with their flowers. MELO-T goes on to express the inspiration behind his For The Culture 2 EP.

“I’m inspired by the different afro-influenced music hubs thriving around the world. This series is all about shedding light on and highlighting African club culture. The first installment focused on the afrocentric sounds of Brazil. ‘For The Culture 2’ is an ode to the sounds of Southern Africa where I come from, especially amapiano and afrohouse. Several afro-based or afro-influenced music genres have shaped the way the world listens to music today, but they’re often overlooked. I’m just trying to give these communities their flowers and accolades”.

Melo-T Is ‘For The Culture’

For The Culture 2, delivers on all fronts. Including the bass and kick-heavy log drums on “Knock The Drum” and the techno and electronic stylings on “We Outside,” or the soulful deep house offering “A Piano Story”. Coupled with, MELO- T has his very own rendition of the nuances of amapiano on “Yanos“. Backed by the Ontario Arts Council. It comes after the project’s lead single, “DO RE MI,” garnered rave reviews from both fans and reviewers. 

MELO-T can’t remember a time without music, and music has always been a part of his life. Additionally, as a child in Zimbabwe, he was fascinated by the Marimba percussion, Mbira instruments, and Ngoma drums. In addition, the catchy and upbeat afro-pop records he heard on the radio influenced his sound.

The Artist

Currently residing in Ottawa, he has developed the native cadences, musical sounds and rhythms of his homeland. Above all, Melo-T is known for his songwriting and production skills along with his turntable talents. This international artist soundtracks sold-out venues and vivacious dance floors across North America. 

As one of Ottawa’s best-known musicians, his singular artistry has been recognized as a significant contribution to Canada’s cultural landscape. Furthermore, believing in him and his artistry the Ontario Arts Council, Ottawa Arts Council, Electric Circuits Festival, and Queen’s University Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts are assisting him along his musical journey. MELO-T flawlessly injects his African music sensibilities and cultural references into worldwide sounds to create something exceptional. 

Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more about DJ Melo-T and his most recent releases! Below you can check out his For The Culture 2 track-list and let us know your favorite record off the project. 


1. DO RE MI (featuring Idris Lawal, NEFE)

2. Knock The Drum

3. We Outside (featuring Antion)

4. A Piano Story

5. Yanos

Give the project a spin below including focus tracks “Knock The Drum” or “Yanos”. 


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