Melissa Calderón taps into the essence of pop and R&B

Colombian singer-songwriter Melissa Calderón moved to Florida at a young age to launch her musical career. The bilingual singer taps into influences from her Latin background and brilliantly combines them with the essence of pop and R&B. Her distinct vocal abilities allow her to express a unique level of versatility that blends well with almost every genre. Having grown up listening to the rhythms of Carnival gave her an appreciation for a wide range of musical styles like salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and many more. And having the ability to sing in two different languages has allowed her to reach audiences on a mass scale. While admittedly, it can sometimes be hard to find a middle ground or a branded voice, she enjoys being able to tap into a variety of musical instincts so that people from all over the world can appreciate her voice.

Also, having a background in filmmaking, Melissa contributes a stunning level of creativity to her music videos. The element of storytelling is taken to a new level which increases the effectiveness of her heart-on-sleeve storytelling. Melissa is now working on a seven-song EP to represent herself as an artist and her awe-inspiring range of talents. Empowered by artists like Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande, Melissa is ready to take her experiences, influences, and diverse skills to carve out her fruitful lane in the music industry.

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