MEETERICK: Pushing the modern boundaries of Lo-Fi music

The prodigious Filipino producer, MEETERICK, has been making waves in the LOFI music scene with his highly-anticipated LOFI capsules. These three EPs not only narrate a story instrumentally, but they also aid in the creation of the listener’s personal narrative. These mini-projects are designed to serve as a soundtrack for the listener’s daily activities, whether it be a late-night drive, study session, or simply relaxing.

MEETERICK’s music is inspired by the soothing sounds he encounters in his daily life. While many individuals perceive ambient sounds such as animal calls, rain, and footsteps as mere background noise, MEETERICK perceives these sounds as the beginnings of a new story.

His debut LOFI capsule, “Driving In Space: Lo-Fi, Capsule 1,” was released on June 4, 2021, in collaboration with Wes Yee and Alex Catrambone. In the current era of music, remote collaborations are commonplace, but this is less so within the LOFI genre. MEETERICK sought to push the boundaries of modern collaboration in this genre, in order to contribute to its artistic development as a whole.

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