Meet Ybezzy, The Miami Rapper Looking For A Way Out

Miami is home of talents such Rick Ross and Lil Pump, and Ybezzy is one of them. The Florida rapper released his seventh studio project Boobie World at the top of 2019 under Champion Music. The label is owned by NFL player Storm Johnson whom the self-coined “Prince of Rap” met years ago. Check the project and interview out below.

Who is Ybezzy? How would you define yourself as an artist?

I am an artist from Miami, Florida. I go by The Prince Of Rap. My drive, my consistency, and love I have for music separated me from the odds I’m the definition of the Great!

You released your latest project ‘Boobie World.’ Where were you at in life when you recorded that project?

I was in the process of cooperating my business “Boobie Gang,” owning my own label developing my new sound, presenting the listeners what they wanna hear soaking the game with my energy.

How did you go about picking the features on that project?

Nothing on this project was a set planned Who I wanted to be on the project everything came from just been active in the studio and it just happened like it should have gone on!

What can we expect from Ybezzy this year?

A pile of static will be made this year, More opportunities, more tours. A bunch more music I’m not finished yet, I have a lot more unfinished business need to be taken care.

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