Meet the ascending star Francisco Burgos

Meet the ascending star, emcee, and R&B singer from the Bronx Frank, better known as Francisco Burgos. The young creative just released a smooth new single, “Feeling You,” which bridges a fine line between emotional lyricism and sultry vocals. Frank uses vivid wordplay accompanied by a softly and elegantly sung hook to curate a narrative about him getting over a woman who is not the best for him.

Frank, has shown his alter ego and full name Francisco Burgos on the big screen, blessed with the gift of incredible acting and entertaining. However, even with appearances on the hit series The Sopranos and Power to go along with multiple movie showings such as Explicit Ills, The Shed, and more gigs. He is learning how to balance both the worlds of entertainment and music to elevate his overall platform.

Throughout the single, he vents over, getting over his break up with his ex and recounts their old times. In his music, he often credits his previous relationships for turning him into a “heart-breaker”. A copacetic beat embellishes the single out, which gives the single a similar tone to one of his main influences, Drake’s first projects, So Far Gone. The single fits in perfectly with the generation Z and millennial mindset of a kind and loving relationship being hard to come by. In some instances, as Frank showcases throughout the track, it’s better to single to find and understand yourself as a person entirely.

To go along with the single, there is an anticipated cinematic video directed by CHD Productions titled “Ain’t Mine” that will assimilate a perfect visual portrayal of his previous relationships. Frank wishes to create music that portrays the issues that the age group of 18 to 30 goes through in relationships, identity, growth, and adjusting to an ever-changing world. Be on the lookout for Frank to bless the big screen with his prodigious acting talent and your favorite streaming platform with his rising musical abilities now and very soon with quality content. “Feeling You” is available on all platforms to listen to, and the official video will be on YouTube.

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