Kazi Approved: T-Shyne, YSL’s Newest Signee

New-York rapper T-Shyne is YSL/300 Entertainment’s latest member. He joins the ranks of recognizable talents on the label like Gunna and Lil Keed. Following his release from a deal prior, his signing to YSL comes as no surprise. His addition to the Young Stoner Life family is a long overdue one. T-Shyne has been a longtime friend and confidant of label boss Young Thug.

“It was just time for me to sign. Just know that the relationship is family. It’s not like on some just business shit, it was just the right move for me at least. He mentions.

Left to Right: T-Shyne and Young Thug via @tshyne_ on Instagram

Tafa Peters, otherwise known as T-Shyne, was born in Grenada and raised in East Hampton, New York. Peters started rap as a hobby in his teens, then relocated to the Bronx years later to further establish his name in the scene. Over the years, T-Shyne has steadily secured his presence in the rap game from his signature strong lyrical style to his steady list of collaborators like Chief Keef, Slim Jxmmy of Rae Sremmurd, Juicy J, and more.

2020 and beyond shaping up to be a new chapter. With a fresh label deal under his belt along with preparation for a new album, T-Shyne is gearing up to emerge from the underground and create his own lane in the mainstream. I got the chance to speak with T-Shyne about plans and how he’s enlisting the help of an NBA star during the next project’s creative process.

It’s been about two years since the release of your album ‘The Immaculate’. In those two years. What have you been doing creatively?

I’ve been prepping my new project. It’s been two years in the making.  I was signed to another label, so knowing that I was about to get released off the label and sign to YSL, I didn’t want to put out another project with the label prior. Now I’m working on my album; it’s called ‘Confetti Nights. It’s me, executive produced by Thug and Kevin Durant, so that’s what I’m working on now. Been shooting visuals and getting ready for everything.

I’m curious as to how, of course, Young Thug , but Kevin Durant. What exactly are their roles as executive producers of the album?

Yeah, KD, he’s like really with me listening to the music. He’s coming to sessions; he’s really listening to the songs and having an input, the same with him and Thug. I pick out about  30 records, and then I send it to him, and then I say pick your favorite 15. The ones that we all pick, obviously, that’s going to be on there. Might be some that KD likes and Thug don’t like, and I have to decide which one to put in there finally. But I’m also going to have them both talk to each other so that we can get to the final playlist. We’re almost there now.

What it’s the inspiration behind the name ‘Confetti Nights?’

 I just wanted to show the growth; it’s like a season. When you first start, you get the pre-season; it shows the whole build up into what becomes Confetti Nights, which is the endgame, which is the championship like; oh, we just won? It’s a celebration. I have different people speaking about it. It has KD, obviously. He’s talking from a champion perspective; you know he won rings and all that stuff. But then I have Sharif O’Neal, Shaq’s son, who’s not in the league yet, but he’s on the way there, so it shows just different perspectives. It’s just a whole bunch of different vibes; they’re all relatable, though.

How has that process been for you doing a whole album rollout in the midst of everything going on?

I was going to put it out earlier, but with quarantine, I’m paying attention to other people and what they’re doing that are releasing albums right now.  I was thinking about maybe putting out like an EP or two before it now to keep the vibe going on, and then we go into the album route at the top of the year if that’s the thing. 

 Are there any special features people could look out for?

The obvious ones would be Thug, Gunna, Lil Keed. I mean, I’ve previewed some stuff, so I have Swae Lee on something. It’s just a few different people, you know. I don’t want it to be too many people, but right now, the amount of features I have on there is good. It’s a lot of good artists and people we all know of and like to listen to.

Once everything is said and done and you drop ‘Confetti Nights,’ what do you want people to take away from it? 

Growth. I want them to see the growth. It’s like a real story, It starts somewhere, and it ends somewhere. It’s not just a bunch of songs that I put together, and I want to call it an album like, to me that’s a mixtape, It’s a real deal album. I want people to listen to it and vibe with it. Especially with what’s going on now, I think it’s just a good project to put out.

‘Confetti Night’s is dropping soon, but in the meantime, check out T-Shyne’s track ‘Moncler’ featuring Young Thug.

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