Meet Sentury: The Music Group Dedicated to Restoring R&B

In recent years, hip-hop and rap culture have dominated the music industry. Music genres like R&B have been overshadowed as new hip-hop subgenres emerge to appease today’s youth who prefer a different sound. Many singers from the current generation have abandoned the true roots of R&B in favor of what’s more popular. With this new era comes an influx of songs about money, drugs, sex, violence, and all other forms of modern-day vices. However, all’s not lost, as the up-and-coming music group Sentury proves.

Sentury comprises four R&B stars, Leo, AJ, Rico, and CJ, who grew up loving music. As with many real singers and musicians, the four got their first start in the church, where they perfected their talent and skill set. Later, they came together as an R&B group to put love back in music and get away from men demeaning women. Music is a force harnessed for many things, and Sentury wishes to do good with theirs. Sentury remains committed to restoring what they believe is a sorely missed component in today’s mainstream music: emotion.In a culture where many musicians use their art to promote profanity and other vulgarities, Sentury’s foursome believes it’s time for society to hear men sing about love and respect for women. That’s a mission they’ve remained committed to since the early days of their career. Their last single, “Love of My Life,” proved that society is ready for that change. The song reached number 25 on the Billboard Adult R&B chart and stayed on the charts for 11 weeks. Now, Sentury has released a sequel to “Love of My Life” titled “Be Over,” and it’s available on music streaming platforms.

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