Get To Know Mercedes Mike, CEO of MTM Records,Who Directed His First Visual, “Gunz and Butter”

As the Bronx is known to be the birthplace of Hip Hop, Queens raised many kings. Although New York City is the mecca of Hip Hop, Mercedes Mike now creates his distinctive mark. Born in the Bronx, but raised in Queens, Mike’s diverse background and upbringing tells an intriguing story. In 2009, he formed an independent record label, MTM Records, which stands for Motivation to Morals. This platform was established to connect upcoming artists and creatives to innovative and push the culture. Heavy influenced by Master P, 50 cent, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, Mercedes Mike was inspired to build his own empire from the bottom up. He designed a unique and creative process that differentiates him as an artist. His ultimate goal is to be successful enough to create jobs and opportunities for others to excel and fulfil their dreams. In his latest visual, “Gunz and Butter,” from his upcoming EP, Dedication, Mike showcased his other hidden talents, acting and directing. Although it is just a quick tease of what may be next, this Queen’s native knows how to provide the vibes.

Mercedes Mike briefly discussed the inspiration behind this visual.

“For this song, I wanted to take a different approach with the creative direction. I was very hands on with my visions and decided it was best for me to direct the entire video. I really wanted to demonstrate how living in two different environments, one with money and they other with guns, will always have the same outcome. I was inspired by my surroundings growing up and it motivated me to use music and creative content as a tool to express myself.”

Watch “Gunz and Butter” below!

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