Meet On The Rise Artist – Bimpin

Music provides a brief getaway from reality. There are songs for every feeling, both happy and sad, that we can identify with. Music has never failed to accompany us everywhere or at any moment. Do we ever consider the artist who created each masterpiece we listen to and admire? 

Bimpin has proved that age limit is not a restriction, one is never too young and one is never too old to learn new things. At only fourteen years old, Bimpin has already established himself in the music scene.

This young rapper started creating music at the age of nine and began dropping at eleven.

We are very excited to speak on his highly anticipated single, “2Life.” The song was recorded by Bimpin and Henny Hermes featuring KILJ. With credits from the head engineers and co-writer, Gabi Grella, Seth Watson, and Damon “DTOXIFY” Failla.

Bimpin has collaborated with a wide range of producers, writers, and engineers. He has attracted a lot of attention and was recently invited to the Grammys Next Up event in Las Vegas, organized by the Grammys, Recording Academy. Aside from that, he has turned down record deals and management offers and is completely self-sufficient.

Bimpin looks forward to telling stories and inspiring people. He gives the world a diverse take on his music that is far removed from the usual stereotypes and cliches of the genre.

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Check out his latest single below.

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